Everything seems to be running pretty good as of now!  Just been doing some drivability testing and all seems well.  Here’s a video:

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Volk TE37SL x CTS-V Brake Swap

Made some progress on the CTS-V front brake swap!  I have replaced front and rear wheel bearing and hub assemblies with ARP extended studs as well.  Ran into some issues with the passenger side rear caliper bolts so now I have ordered all new rear calipers, pads, and rotors because they were just old looking, especially sitting behind a new set of Volk TE37SLs!  So once that comes in I’ll be replacing both sides of rear brakes.

Volks (2)

Volks (3)

Vbrakes (3)

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HKS Hi Power Exhaust + LS3 240SX

Quick video for those wondering what an LS3 crate engine with the Hot Cam sounds like coming out of an HKS exhaust 😛

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Exhaust and Test Driving!

Well finally ordered all the exhaust fab parts to have an HKS Hi Power S14 catback meet up with the headers from Sikky.  I had a good friend make the Y pipe and weld it all up.  Turned out very nice!  Added a small flex section as well.  Had to cut back the HKS exhaust a bit because we ran out of room to fit the Y pipe in the space to mate with the factory catback location, which isn’t a big deal.  In the photos below, everything was just tack welded and then he took them to his shop to TIG weld the Vibrant stainless piping up.


Once that was completed, we installed everything!


There’s something special about the rumble of a new GM crate LS3 with a Hot Cam coming out of an HKS Hi Power muffler 🙂

Now we have just been doing short test runs to make sure everything is running smooth and as intended.  And it’s been a ton of fun!  Hope to have some good videos of this thing in action soon.

Next up we will be replacing all four wheel bearings, installing ARP extended studs on all four corners, picking out a set of wheels and tires, and sending it off to the body shop to get it all cleaned up a bit.

Oh and I’ll also be installing these bad boys up front!


Stay tuned!


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Just need to have an exhaust made, then it’s ready for some test driving!


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Got the car off the lift for the first time in a long time!  Just been fixing up some loose ends.  Got the Sikky sway bar installed, Mishimoto radiator and fans/shroud installed after modification (had to move the upper radiator port from the passenger side to the driver, and add a steam port connection).  All has been going good.

Once the car was on the ground I installed the ETC pedal and the AIM MXL gauge cluster.

IMG_2393 IMG_2398 IMG_2401

Next up, relocating the battery to the back and finalizing the intake!

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First Start!

Well here we go!  We finally fired it up for the first time tonight!  Plenty left to do, but this was a nice accomplishment.

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