It begins

Welcome to the official build log of the Speartech Nissan 240SX shop car.  Over the coming months we will be documenting the progress of taking the stock KA24DE engine out and replacing it with an LS3/T56 drivetrain.

The car is basically stock.  It has Fortune Auto coilover suspension and a Buddyclub exhaust.  Sitting on 350Z wheels in the front, and stock S14 240SX wheels in the back.

Here are a few pictures to get us started.




The previous owner installed a bolt-in roll cage.  This was one of the first things to go for multiple reasons.


One out of three bolts on the passenger side, good job.


And finally, the stock Nissan KA24DE.  Rated at 155HP/160TQ.  I think it needs an engine with about 275 more HP in there!


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1 Response to It begins

  1. Keep us update with a blow by blow of that LS3 🙂

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