LS3 + T56 & Sikky Oil Pan

The Sikky oil pan finally arrived.  Upon arrival and test fitting, we noticed some of the windage tray on the LS3 needed to be modified/removed for a proper fit.  So we had our fabricator at Speedcraft Prototypes do his thing.  The side tabs may not have needed to be removed, but we went ahead and did them as it looked close… also the Sikky instructions say to cut out that rear portion, so we did.

OilPan (1)

OilPan (2)

OilPan (3)

After these modifications, and installing the supplied Sikky oil pickup, the pan went on smooth and trouble free.

OilPan (4)

Got the LS3 and T56 finally mated together.  For the record, an LS3 pilot bearing will not work with LS1 F-Body T56!  You must use the LS1 F-Body pilot bearing in the LS3 when using an F-Body T56 trans.  Everything is now good to go.  Gonna start prepping the chassis, get some mounts bolted, and test fit this bad boy!

LS3withTrans (1)

LS3withTrans (2)

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