More updates

Yeah! I have a lot of updates lets see….

Having a hard time sorting through the pics on the iPhone folders in Windows but here are a few

Got the drivetrain in.


Sikky Fuel Lines and Aluminum driveshaft with an LSD diff installed (just finished this today 8/20/2015)


And I bought a new car in March!


At the point now where it’s just finishing up all of the (many) loose ends.

Will try and update this more now as we are closing in on the first start!

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LS3 + T56 & Sikky Oil Pan

The Sikky oil pan finally arrived.  Upon arrival and test fitting, we noticed some of the windage tray on the LS3 needed to be modified/removed for a proper fit.  So we had our fabricator at Speedcraft Prototypes do his thing.  The side tabs may not have needed to be removed, but we went ahead and did them as it looked close… also the Sikky instructions say to cut out that rear portion, so we did.

OilPan (1)

OilPan (2)

OilPan (3)

After these modifications, and installing the supplied Sikky oil pickup, the pan went on smooth and trouble free.

OilPan (4)

Got the LS3 and T56 finally mated together.  For the record, an LS3 pilot bearing will not work with LS1 F-Body T56!  You must use the LS1 F-Body pilot bearing in the LS3 when using an F-Body T56 trans.  Everything is now good to go.  Gonna start prepping the chassis, get some mounts bolted, and test fit this bad boy!

LS3withTrans (1)

LS3withTrans (2)

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Updates + RPM Transmissions T56

Well it’s been awhile since the last update.  Mostly because there is nothing to be updated.  We got the complete S14 LSX swap kit from Sikky about a month and a half ago except for the oil pan which was on a 3 week backorder.  It’s been about 5-6 weeks or more now.  Still no oil pan but we called them today and said it will ship today or Monday the 21st of July.

We did however get our T56 back from RPM Transmissions today!  We had them fully upgrade the transmission with carbon synchros this, something that, just the full deal.  Plus fully micropolished front to back.  It’s a thing of beauty!

RPMTransT56 (1)

RPMTransT56 (2)


Once the oil pan arrives from Sikky, we can get to test fitting and sending it off for paint.



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LS376/480 Has Arrived

The new heart of the 240SX project arrived today.  Got the call from the dealer and headed on over to pick it up!

We went with the GM LS376/480 crate engine.  Rated at 480 HP / 475 TQ.  We went with this option because many of our customers choose this engine and this will be a way for us to dial in a great tune for customers using this engine.  And hey, who doesn’t like a claimed extra 50 horsepowers thanks to the GM LS3 “Hot” cam?  Full list of specs here:

Also got a call from our swap kit provider, who said that their oil pans are on a 3 week backorder but will be sending everything else out today.

At the dealer.


Part Number Tag / Made in MURICA!


She’s a beaut!


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Engine Bay Clean Up

Over the extended Memorial Day Weekend we decided to get the bay cleaned up for a better work environment and because the thing was caked with muck, oil, grease, etc!  Removed various bits and bobs and still have some more to go.  Also, the new Fortune Auto rear replacement coilovers came in and got them installed too.

Moved the 240 to a suitable location, got the pressure washer and purple power out and went to town!

Looking fresh!  Highly recommend Fortune Auto Suspension.  They are hand assembled at their facility in Virginia and shock dyno tested.


Engine harness completely removed.


Hmmm, tempting!


The 240 won’t be needing cable throttle anymore.


Look at that mess!


The weapons of choice for assisting in the engine bay clean up.  Can Am to help us move the 240, and a pressure washer with a Honda engine.



Cleaned up pretty well.


Now we will be removing most things mounted to the firewall, various lines/hoses, etc. in preparation to have the engine bay painted.  Also while at the body shop, we will have the ghetto fender rolling straightened out to look professional and various touch ups here and there, new windshield, new weather stripping, etc.

Stay tuned!

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KA24DE Removal

Made some progress over the weekend and today.  Began prepping the engine for removal over the weekend – disconnecting the wiring harness, removing driveshaft, various clutch, power steering, A/C lines, etc.  All went pretty smooth.  It definitely helps having all the right tools and equipment!

Ran into an issue while trying to raise the suspension up to a more functional height for the meantime.  The front was fine, however the rears are a different story.  Something has gouged into the strut base where the shock screws in and out of for ride height adjustments.  It’s so deep that it has contacted the threads and is unable to function.  Emailed Fortune Auto Suspension and have a replacement rear set on the way.

You can see them gouged pretty bad here:




Almost ready to remove.


She gone!


No more engine up there.


Next up is a thorough cleaning of the engine bay with some good degreaser and a pressure washer.


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